High Noon

Author: Glenn Frankel
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 162040950X
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View: 1956
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In this book, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Frankel tells the story of the making of a great American Western, exploring how Carl Foreman's concept of High Noon evolved from idea to first draft to final script, taking on ...

Film Criticism The Cold War And The Blacklist

Author: Jeff Smith
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520958519
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What More Can Be Said about the Hollywood Blacklist? ... Several books analyze
this relationship, ranging from Nora Sayre's pioneering Running Time: Films of
the Cold War, published in 1982, to J. Hoberman's An Army of Phantoms:
American Movies and the Making of the Cold War, published in 2011.1 ...
Certainly On the Waterfront and High Noon are classic examples of Hollywood
films of that period that can be read as being really or secretly about the
blacklisting experience.

Celluloid Mirrors

Author: Ronald L. Davis
Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company
Size: 79.55 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Hollywood and American Society Since 1945 Ronald L. Davis. Roof (1958).
When Tea ... Nor were the classics forgotten; Hamlet, a British production
released through an American distributor, won the Academy Award for best
picture of 1948, and Cyrano de Bergerac earned Jose Ferrer the best actor
award in 1950. Original ... High Noon, written by blacklisted writer Carl Foreman,
was a parable of the Committee's attack on Hollywood and the movie colony's
timidity in defending itself.

The Political Companion To American Film

Author: Gary Crowdus
Publisher: Lakeview
Size: 20.46 MB
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All of this is poignantly expressed in the film that Foreman scripted immediately
before his blacklisting and subsequent self-imposed exile in England: High Noon
(1952). This Western classic is no escapist shoot-em-up for the Saturday matinee
crowd. Its hero is as alone as any previous Foreman character, and his situation
mirrors some universal moral dilemmas: what is the meaning of loyalty,
responsibility and courage, and when does violence become justified? Gary
Cooper's ...

Halliwell S Who S Who In The Movies

Author: Leslie Halliwell
ISBN: 9780002559058
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America's top five money-making stars are Bing Crosby, Betty Grable, Abbott and
Costello, Gary Cooper, and Bob Hope. Britain: David Lean's ... Giuseppe De
Santis's Bitter Rice attacks American corruption of Italian culture, but it is Silvano
Mangano at work in the rice fields who attracts international attention. USSR:
Eisenstein ... Fred Zinnemann makes a classic western, High Noon, with Gary
Cooper, which can be read as a condemnation of blacklisting in Hollywood.
Gene Kelly stars ...


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Hollywood's high noon: moviemaking & society before television. Johns Hopkins
... His 22-page bibliographical essay alone makes this book worthy of inclusion in
any library where graduate students and professors do serious research on
American films. Cripps's previous books—Slow Fade to Black (CH, Jul'77), Black
Film as Genre (CH, Mar'79), and Making Movies Black (CH, Dec'93)—have given
him unquestioned authority on films dealing with the image of African Americans.

Film Review

Author: F. Maurice Speed
ISBN: 9780862872311
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just completed the script for that classic western High Noon when he became a
victim of the McCarthy 'witch hunt' and was blacklisted by all the American studios
. He came to Britain, ... In 1975, just 23 years after he left America, he returned to
produce Force Ten from Navarone (for which he also wrote the outline script) and
, in 1979, The Day the World Ended. Elected President of ... After making the last,
there came a ten-year gap before her next movie, The Cat. There was a further ...

Films And Filming

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Classic Western pose in Fred Zinncmann's 'High Noon' (1952). 9 Gang on the ...
n the Thirties, the vital forces of American veracity and realism, world famous in
the Jazz Age and the Great Depression, had a rich tapestry to work upon. The
lost ... Suffice it to say that Hollywood, already indicted in the 1947 Trial of the Ten
, now faced the attacks of fanatics, causing the separation from the Mecca of
dozens of first class talents in the acting, directing and screen- writing fields. The
loss of ...

Usa Today

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MASS MEDIA tivities Committee and the subsequent jailing of the Hollywood Ten
, began to pull in its wings. ... of the industry, including directors Edward Dmytryk (
"Crossfire") and Joseph Losey ("The Boy with Green Hair"); writer and later
director Carl Foreman ("Home of the Brave," "The Men," "High Noon"); and writer
Dalton Trumbo ("Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo"). ... By the 1960s, movies had lost
the central place in American culture they had occupied in the Hollywood Golden

Movie Classics

Author: Allan Hunter
Publisher: W & R Chambers Limited
Size: 37.14 MB
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One of the few truly American art forms, the western was a significant part of
Hollywood history for 70 years and those most closely associated with the genre
have been among the stars making the most consistent number of appearances
in the top-ten ... A genre for all seasons, the western could now serve a
multiplicity of intentions with Gary Cooper's lone law enforcer in High Noon (1952
) (see pl07) symbolic of those isolated by the anti-communist witchhunts, and
even John Wayne ...