Hal Lifson S 1966

Author: Hal Lifson
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A collection of memorabilia from 2966, photographed with commentary.


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The last artist to have three songs in the top 40 of this chart was Alexandre Pires,
who accomplished this hat-trick the issue of June 15, 2002. More Fred Bronson
each week at www.billboard.com. Hal Lifson turned 6 years old in 1966, but as
far as he's concerned, it's a year where the sands of time deserve to stand still. "
It's the year that psychedelic imagery was coming into its own as mainstream,
working-class, suburban culture merged with counterculture, the year that color
television ...

Wouldn T It Be Nice

Author: Charles L. Granata
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“Surf culture was a burgeoning Southern California trend that was taking hold in
all areas of pop culture: it affected the way people dressed, the vernacular (surf
lingo and slang), cars—everything,” says 1960s pop culture historian Hal Lifson,
author of Hal Lifson's 1966. “Music became a big part of that subculture. The
Southern California music scene consisted of groups like the Challengers, the
Tornadoes, and the Ventures—it wasn't four guys in Brooklyn standing around a
garbage ...


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Historian Hal Lifson was specifically commenting on the year 1966 when he
wrote, “Teen culture was the overriding social theme of the decade. Television
shows, fashion and music were all targeted to the youth market, and it was the
first time in modern history that adults really took on the same interests as their
children.” With this attitude permeating pop culture, Pizitz's next step should have
come as no surprise to anyone. Again, let's see what Jo Lawley can tell us about
it: This ...

Doubly Labelled Water

Author: J. Speakman
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McClintock and Lifson (1957a) and Lifson and McClintock (1966) reasoned that,
in the absence of any information, they should make an assumption which would
minimize any induced error; they therefore assumed that half the water loss is
fractionated (rH2Of = 0.5rH2O: Appendix A). Since the water loss is defined as
the hydrogen turnover (kd) multiplied by the water pool (N), they substituted what
values they had into equation 7.1 and expanded the term rH2Of (Appendix A) to ...

Predicting Decrements In Military Performance Due To Inadequate Nutrition

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Based on the precision of our Isotope measurements, the small variations in
isotope excretion in urine (Schoeller, 1983, 1984) that presumably result from
natural differences in the amount of isotope in beverages and foods, and the
doses of 0.1 and 0.25 g/kg of estimated total body water, we estimate that the
optimal metabolic period is longer than half and shorter than three biological half-
lives of 2H in body water (Lifson and McClintock, 1966; Schoeller, 1984). This
corresponds to a ...

Energy Metabolism In Animals And Man

Author: Kenneth Blaxter
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Labelling the oxygen of water with "O results in half the label being present in
body water and half in carbon dioxide. The basic equations for estimating rates of
production of carbon dioxide and water (mol/d) from measurement of rate
constants for the disappearance from body water of deuterium (k2) and of "O (kis)
are (Lifson & McClintock 1966): rHo-k2P } (4.4) rCo-(k1s -k2)P/2 where P is the
body-water pool size in moles. In practice this equation has to be modified to
allow for ...

Nancy Sinatra

Author: Hal Lifson
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In this book, you will find exclusive, gorgeous, and sexy color photo images of Nancy Sinatra -- taken directly from her personal archives.

Dietary Reference Intakes For Energy Carbohydrate Fiber Fat Fatty Acids Cholesterol Protein And Amino Acids Macronutrients

Author: Standing Committee on the Scientific Evaluation of Dietary Reference Intakes
Publisher: National Academies Press
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It was originally proposed and developed by Lifson for use in small animals (
Lifson and McClintock, 1966; Lifson et al., 1955), but has been adapted for
human studies and extensively used (Schoeller et al., 1986). Two stable isotopic
forms of water (H218O and 2H2O) are administered, and their disappearance
rates from a body fluid (i.e., urine or blood) are monitored for a period of time,
optimally equivalent to 1 to 3 half lives for these isotopes (7 to 21 days in most
human subjects).

Small Mammals

Author: F. B. Golley
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There is no experimental evidence to support the assumptions that an average
stomach is half full, animals fill their stomach each activity period or that there are
a given number of activity periods per day. Other methods used to predict or
measure metabolism and ... Heavy water can also be used to determine field
metabolism (Lifson et al, 1955; Lee & Lifson, 1960; Lifson & Lee, 1961; Lifson &
McClintock, 1966; Mullen, 19716). Both of these methods have drawbacks when
applied to ...