Future Survey Annual 1992

Author: Michael Marien
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780930242435
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Future Survey Annual is prepared for a variety of people in government,
education, business, and research. Such people may be known by a variety of
titles: futurist, policy analyst, strategic planner, futures researcher, social thinker,
teacher, corporate decision-maker, non-profit sector administrator, or political
activist. Many of these people seek to "scan" the environment— to get a broad
view of what is happening and who is thinking what. And many of these people
hope to shape a ...

Future Survey Annual 1988 1989

Author: Michael Marien
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 9780930242350
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(human evolution and space exploration) *8807 The World by the Year 2000.
Studies and Documents on Major Programme I: Reflection on World Problems
and Future-Oriented Studies (BEP/GPI/1). Paris: UNESCO Bureau of Studies and
Programming, August 1987/62p. Includes the report of a June 1987 Workshop
organized at UNESCO headquarters on world problems by the year 2000, and
the synoptic report of an international Survey conducted by Futuribles
International ...

Annual Housing Survey 1983

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Rural units, which were deleted in 1981 as part of the reduction of rural housing
units, were reinstated for the 1983 survey. 3. All sample housing units that were
either type A noninterviews (i.e., units eligible to be interviewed) or type B
noninterviews (i.e., units not eligible for interview at the time of survey but which
could become eligible in the future) in the 1983 survey. (For a list of reasons for
type A and type B noninterviews, see the facsimile of the 1983 AHS
questionnaire, page ...

Annual Report Of The Director U S Coast And Geodetic Survey

Author: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
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... future surveys, in order to determine the movements of the coast line and the
laws and forces governing them, but the survey also serves the immediate
purpose of correcting and supplementing the inshore hydrography of the
published charts. The survey of the southern shore of the island was completed
in 1891, but it was then decided that the survey should be extended to include
the remaining shores, and those of Marthas Vineyard also, in order to obtain a
more comprehensive ...

Annual Report Of The Director United States Coast And Geodetic Survey To The Secretary Of Commerce

Author: U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey
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To do this' it became necessary to use two additional points in the primary
triangulation, Scituate, and Prospect Hingham. From the line joining these
pointsas a base, the triangulation was carried southward to the old line, Alden-
Monk's Hill. In coming down from the primary sides to the town corners, the work
done establishes points that will be very useful in future surveys. All of such
points have been permanently marked and descriptions of them made. Field
operations were closed, ...

Geological Survey Of Canada Open File 3094

Publisher: Natural Resources Canada
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As thaw bulbs are expected to continue to change through the winter (i.e. they
don't refreeze), any changes would be best detected in subsequent annual or
biannual surveys. At several of the sites where future changes are expected, it
would be prudent to survey on an annual basis for the next few years. The sites
close to Norman Wells are included in the recommendation for annual surveying
due to potential impacts from warmer pipe temperatures. Sites where drainage
slots have ...

The Future Of The Survey Of Income And Program Participation

Author: Panel to Evaluate the Survey of Income and Program Participation
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309047951
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For example, average monthly food stamp benefits by quarter reported in the
1984 SIPP panel amounted to 83–90 percent of the corresponding quarterly
totals from independent sources, whereas total food stamp benefits in 1983 from
the March 1984 CPS amounted to only 71 percent of the annual total from
independent sources. Similarly, average monthly SSI benefits by quarter from the
1984 SIPP panel averaged 90–99 percent of the quarterly totals from
independent sources, ...

Annual Report Upon The Geographical Explorations And Surveys West Of The One Hundredth Meridian

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Another step has been made in the direction of a more perfect and reftued
geodetic survey ; and the system once established, the results as to areas
mapped in a manner that will require no future change, except in details incident
to the development of the country, will vary, the force remaining constant,
according to the physical construction of the ever-shifting panorama of mountain,
valley, and plain found along each parallel of latitude within the longitudinal limits
of the survey. Note.