Frank Leslie S Pleasant Hours

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S e blushed a little all by herself as she placed Frank's plate beside her own, and
under it deftly hid a spray of geranium-leaves and a tiny rosebud, designed for a
buttonhole-houquet. . It was the maiden's last shy gift to her young lover, who, in
her eyes, was the haudsomest and bravest man in all the world. The turkey was
doing beautifully, and the side-table was loaded with good things for which there
was no room on the main board. It was approaching the hour for the return of the

A History Of American Magazines 1865 1885

Author: Frank L. Mott
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674395527
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Frank Leslie's Budget of Fun, 267. Frank Leslie's Chatterbox, 175. Frank Leslie's
Chimney Corner, 42. Frank Leslie's Christmas Book, I75n. Frank Leslie's Fact
and Fiction for the Chimney Corner, 42. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper.
See Leslie's Weekly. Frank Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, 218, S«- Frank Leslie's
Ladies' Gazette, M. Frank Leslie's Ladies' Journal, 98. Frank Leslie's Lady's
Magazine, 98. Frank Leslie's New Monthly, 3&n. Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours,
36n, 39n. Frank ...

Unseen Horror

ISBN: 1105124010
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John Selveridge, “The Invisible Monster: A Veracious Ghost Story,” Packard‟s
Monthly, July 1870, 63-65. “The Midnight Fiend,” Frank Leslies Pleasant Hours
XIV (1873): 81-83. James Grant, “The Spectre Hand,” The Queen‟s Cadet and
Other Tales (London: George Routledge and Sons, 1875), 37-59. “In the
Smoking-Room,” Good Words for 1876, ed. Donald McLeod (London: Daldy
Isbister, 1876), 345-351. Abraham Stoker, “The Invisible Giant,” Under the Sunset
(London: ...

Geo P Rowell And Co S American Newspaper Directory

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... publisher; office 53, 55 and 5. Park place. - Fir. A N is I, Es I, IE's II,
LUSTRATED NEWSPAPER i Saturdays; illustrated; sixteen pages; size 34x46;
subscription $4; established 1855; Mrs. Frank Leslie, publisher; circulation C C l ;
office 53, 55 and 57 Park place : issues also the following named publications:
Frank Leslie's Fact and Fiction Frank Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung, Frank Leslie's
Budget, Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours, Frank Leslie's Popular Monthly and Frank
Leslie's Sunda y M ...

American Newspaper Catalogue Including Lists Of All Newspapers And Magazines Published In The United States And The Canadas

Author: Alden (Edwin) Company, Cincinnati
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5,000 " “ Foot's llealth NIonthly, BI. .. .. 10,000 “ "' Frank Leslie's Budget of “'it, )1
21,000 “ "' Frank Leslie's Ladies.“ M agazine,M 7,250 “ “ Frank Leslie's Pleasant
Hours, M 15,500 “ “ Frank Leslie's Popular liri'thly, $102,000 65 55 Frank Leslie's
Sun'y Magazine, M 18,500 Circulltion. N E“; YO R K CO.—Continued. New York,
Fret Sawyer's Monthly & Home Decorator, M. “ “ Furnishing,r Goods Tr:1cheview,
M 2,000 “ " Fur, Fin, and Feather,M . . . . . . . . . . 5,000 “ “ Gillard's Medical Journal,

Rebecca Harding Davis And American Realism

Author: Sharon M. Harris
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 9780812213355
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Frank Leslie's Pleasant Hours far Birss and Gtris, 26 3- 64 Frank Leslies Popular
Monthly, 264 Franklin, Benjamin, 41, 192 Frederic, Harold, 10, 42., 204, 226;
Seth's Brother's Wife, u6 Freeman, Mary Wilkins, 8, 10, 42, 83, "4, 123, 156, 164,
244, 246, 249, 250, 254, 258, 261, 272; Giles Corey, Toeman, 250; "A Humble
Romance," 156; "A New England Nun," 244; A New England Nun, 249; "A
Poetess," 244 Fremont, Jessie Benton, 81, 284-85, W, 296 Fremont, (General)
John Charles, ...

American Literary Gazette And Publishers Circular

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3 New York Tribune New York Times "X New York Evening Post 3 New York
World 3J< New York Express 3!4 New York Journal of Comroorce . ... 7 Frank
Leslie's Chimney Corner 7 Frank Leslie's Illustraclon Americano 23 Frank
Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly SX Freeman's Journal 7 French Messager 8
Fireside, The *X Farm and Fireside 4 Field, Turf, and Farm 9 Flag of Our Union IX
Forney's Weekly Press ^ S German ... 33 ys' and Girls' s Pleasant Hour* IV Ladies
' Magazine .

The American Bookseller

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Rod A Gun W F'ox's Illustrated Week's Doings W Frank Leslie's Illust. Paper W
Frank Leslie's Boys' and Girls' Weekly W Frank Leslie's Chimney Corner. W Frank
Leslie's Illustrirte Zeitung (German) W Frank Leslie's Budget of Wit. etc M Frank
Leslie's Chimney Corner (mo. parts) M Frank Leslie s Pleasant Hours M Frank
Leslie's Popular Monthly M Frank Leslie's Sunday Magazine M Freenian'B
Journal W Fireman's Herald S M Farm Library S M Fireside Mou.hly M Floral
Cabinet M ...