The Nation

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After a long interval came the 'Pilgrims and the brine,' with like enthusiasm for the
beauty of the Southern isles and ... into the narrative as to enhance rather than
impair its interest, renders these hooks instructive as well as entertaining. ... JOB.
I]. WYTHE, MD. limo, extra cloth, $1 75. This valuable work is designed both as s
text-book for the studrllt and as a ... This work forms the twelfth volume ofa Series
of An~ cicut Classics for English Readers, which is proving a great success.

The Nation

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But how the court repeatedly reverses its own verdicts may be entertainingly read
in Professor Charles H. Firth's lecture on “Sir Walter Raleigh's History of the
World” (reprinted from the Proceedings of the British Academy, vol. 8, by the
Oxford ...

Commercial West

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"Whether it be in attendance at baseball games or the opera, reading or listening
to classical music, entertaining one or ... Dobson, Benton J. Case, Jr., and
Carolyn Hogan Graham, all of Wayzata, and Charles W. Case of Long Lake,
Minn. ... story traces Case's career with great care and thoroughness; the only "
right" way to report it would be to reprint it in full. ... Mercantile of Canada Opens
New Branch Mercantile Bank of Canada opened a branch in Quebec City on
December 9, it is ...

Shaping Of Western Civilization

Author: Schaefer
Publisher: Harcourt College Pub
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being once more, after so long an interval, reduced beneath the sway of Rome by
victories granted by Heaven, and themselves ... The study of law consists of two
branches, law public, and law private. ... Thus the laws of the Roman people are
partly peculiar to itself, partly common to all nations. ... Many of the letters contain
description of cases he argued in his legal career. ... Reprinted by permission of
the publishers and The Loeb Classical Library from Pliny, Letters Vol I, trans.

Theorie Der Ethischen Gef Hle

Author: Adam Smith
Publisher: Meiner Verlag
ISBN: 3787319360
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Mit seinem philosophischen Hauptwerk, der "Theorie der ethischen Gefühle", legte Adam Smith den Grundstein für die Ausbildung einer Moralphilosophie, die sich ausdrücklich auf die Ideen der Sympathie und der Solidargemeinschaft beruft.

The Academy And Literature

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Every branch of the administration bears the military stamp, but this does not
make a people warlike. ... “As soon as Bonaparte is no longer here, and the
specific military superiority, which does not exist in any other shape, has
vanished, the German and French nations will stand together for direct
comparison, and then the moral proportion of the two will be plainly .... University
Commission should permit students to begin their academical career without any
knowledge of the classics.

Take Time By The Forelock

Author: Anthony Fothergill
Publisher: History of Medicine
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... October and the first week is taken up with the history of the different branches
of physic, which is, however entertaining, if not essential. ... In your long letter I
observe but a single slip and that a slight one "acquiesce to it", pro "in" it. ... 8 That
your health may permit you to proceed in your career with alacrity is the sincere
wish of, Dr Sir, yours A. Fotherpill N°7 6 Bath ... Klause Reprint Limited. ...
Obsenations on the epidemical diseases in Minorca. ... The making of classical

The Book Review Digest

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H. I. Brock + N Y Times p5 Je 18 '33 1300w "This long book [is] by an admirer
from Nashville. ... Part two is a brief survey of the best books in each branch of
literature, with a section devoted to children's books. ... either to ancient or
modern times and with no other desire than to make good books available to the
searcher for knowledge or entertainment. ... Library fittings and supplies 33-
27196 Reprints of articles and addresses on library buildings, from the 1870's to
the present.

Nur Eine Ohrfeige

Author: Christos Tsiolkas
Publisher: Klett-Cotta
ISBN: 3608103058
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Die Ohrfeige zwingt alle Beteiligten dazu, ihr eigenes Familienleben, all ihre Erwartungen, Überzeugungen und Wünsche infrage zu stellen. Aus acht Perspektiven schildert Tsiolkas eindrücklich das innere Erleben der Gäste.

Electronics World

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THE slowness of television receiver sales in the New York area is causing the
entire nation to eye the new field quizzically. ... The television situation in New
York is turning out to be a classic example of buck-passing. ... Talk to someone
on the program side, for example, and you'll hear that the lelecasters are doing
their job, but, after all. they can't be ... by all branches of the video industry at a
very early date will more than pay for itself in receivers sold and public
confidence gained.