Author: David S. Brumbaugh
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Non-quantitative and carefully illustrated, unique in both organization and approach, this three-books-in-one book introduces the scientific, historical, and personal safety aspects of earthquakes.

Journal Of The Shanghai Literary And Scientific Society

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EARTHQUAKES. The oldest of these records dates back only about four
centuries; I will specify the year, moon, day of each occurrence, and its direction;
then subjoin the remarks of the native chroniclers; and thereupon add such brief
notes of ... An earthquake, preceded by a wind like fire coming from the south-
east; a few days after this, a meteor was observed. No. 4, 1525; 2nd moon, 15th
day. An earthquake at night. No. 5. 1550. White hairs issued from the ground at
Tsingpu. No.

Minoan Earthquakes

Author: Simon Jusseret
Publisher: Leuven University Press
ISBN: 9462701059
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... University of Texas at Austin. Shaw, J.W. 2009. Minoan architecture: materials
and techniques (Studi di Archeologia Cretese 7). Padua: Bottega d'Erasmo.
Sintubin, M., S. Jusseret & J. Driessen. 2011. Reassessing ancient earthquakes
on Minoan Crete: getting rid of catastrophism, in C. Grützner, R. Pérez-López, T.
FernándezSteeger, I. Papanikolaou, K. Reicherter, P.G. Silva & A. Vött (ed.)
Earthquake geology and archaeology: science, society and critical facilities.
Proceedings 2nd ...

Continental Intraplate Earthquakes

Author: Seth Stein
Publisher: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 0813724252
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Science, Hazard, and Policy Issues Seth Stein, Stéphane Mazzotti. Kohlstedt,
D.L. ... Ranalli, G., 1995, Rheology of the Earth (2nd edition): London, Chapman
and Hall, 413 p. Rudnick ... Swafford, L., and Stein, S., Limitations of the short
earthquake record for seis- micity and seismic hazard studies, in Stein, S., and
Mazzotti, S., eds., Continental Intraplate Earthquakes: Science, Hazard, and
Policy Issues: Geological Society of America Special Paper 425, doi: 10.1130/

Natural Hazards In El Salvador

Author: William Ingersoll Rose
Publisher: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 9780813723754
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W.I., et al., eds.. Natural hazards in El Salvador: Boulder, Colorado, Geological
Society of America Special Paper 375, p. 159-174 (this volume). ... 9 (2nd edition
): Madison, Wisconsin, American Society of Agronomy and Soil Science Society
of America, p. 199-225. Melian, C., Galindo, I., ... Reimer, G.M., 1980, Use of soil-
gas helium concentrations for earthquake prediction: Limitations imposed by
diurnal variations: Jouranl of Geophysical Research, v. 85, p. 3107-3144. Reimer
. G.M. ...

The Earthquake Observers

Author: Deborah R. Coen
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 0226111814
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“geology and the earthquake.” in The California Earthquake of 1906, edited by
David starr Jordan, 63–78. san Francisco: a. M. robertson, 1907. ————. “the
policy ofthe U.s. geological survey and its Bearing upon science and education.”
Science 24 (1906): 722–28. ————. ... 1, 2nd edition. new york: appleton, 1860.
Burton, ian, robert W. Kates, and gilbert White. ... Proceedings of the Royal
Society ofEdinburgh 9 (1875–76): 44–58. Button, gregory. 2010. Disaster Culture
: ...

Earth Sciences History

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Seismicity of the earth (supplement paper). Bulletin of Geological Society of
America 56:603-668. Gutenberg, B. and Richter, C.F.I 949. Seismicity of the earth
and associated phenomena. Princeton: Princeton University Press. Gutenberg, G
. and Richter, C.F. 1954. Seismicin- of the earth and associated phenomena. 2nd
edition. Princeton: Princeton Princeton University Press. Honda, H. 1934. On the
mechanism of deep earthquakes and the stress in the deep layer of the earth

The Impact Of The Geological Sciences On Society

Author: Marion E. Bickford
Publisher: Geological Society of America
ISBN: 0813725011
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Satake, K., Wang, K., and Atwater, BE, 2003, Fault slip and seismic moment of the
1700 Cascadia earthquake inferred from Japanese tsunami descriptions: Journal
of Geophysical Research, v. 108, ESE 7-1—7-17. ... Schweig, E.S., and Ellis, M.A.
, 1994, Reconciling short recurrence intervals with minor deformation in the New
Madrid seismic zone: Science, v. 264, p. ... Simpkin, T., and Siebert, L., 1994,
Volcanoes of the World (2nd edition): Tucson, Arizona, Geoscience Press, 349 p.

National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program

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Related Publications Borchardt, Glenn, 1986, Smectites, in J. B. Dixon and S. B.
Weed, eds., Minerals in soil environments (2nd edition): Soil Science Society of
America, Madison, WI, in press. Borchardt, Glenn, and Hill, R. L., 1985, Smectitic
pedogenesis and late Holocene tectonism along the Raymond fault, San Marino,
California, in D. L. Weide, ed., Soils and Quaternary geology of the southwestern
United States: Geological Society of America Special Paper 203. Steinbrugge,
K. V. ...

Living On An Active Earth

Author: Committee on the Science of Earthquakes
Publisher: National Academies Press
ISBN: 0309065623
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Perspectives on Earthquake Science National Research Council, Division on
Earth and Life Studies, Board on Earth Sciences and Resources, Committee on
the Science of Earthquakes. ... B.
Gutenberg and C.F. Richter, Seismicity of the Earth, 2nd Edition, Princeton, N.J.,
310 pp., 1954. Their first paper was published under the same title as Special
Paper 34 of the Geological Society of America (1941). 36. B. Gutenberg and C.F.
Richter, ...