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EARLY CHRISTIAN SONGS IN without a translation which gave even a || ...
though disFrom the North PsLAMs and hymns and spiritual songs have thrilled
for ages through the Church on earth, as they shall thrill ... from the caves and the
solitudes of the wildnerness: the flood of melody has been swelled by rivulets of
song from the lips of dying saints, ... Bernard and Abelard, Watts, Doddridge and
Heber, here meet on common ground: controversialists have laid aside their
polemics, ...

The Eclectic Magazine

Author: John Holmes Agnew
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From the North PSLAMS and hymns and spiritual songs have thrilled for ages
through the Church on earth, as they shall ... from the caves and the solitudes of
the wildnerness: the flood of melody has been swelled by rivulets of song from
the lips of ... here meet on common ground: controversialists have laid aside their
polemics, and philosophers their dialectics, ... They are part of our heritage as
members of the Catholic Church, which is gathered from all ages and elimes, and
not as ...

Common Ground

Author: Louis Adamic
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Folk songs, you know. ... I cleared my throat and broke into a gay peasant song,
addressed to birds. But the ... At the Schultz farm, Harry's mother, a short chubby
woman, and his two very attractive sisters, met us in the yard. ... The room was
flooded with moonlight and the good smell of the cooling earth on a summer

An Arrangement Of The Psalms Hymns And Spiritual Songs Of Issac Watts

Author: Isaac Watts
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3 Break, sacred morning, through the skies, Bring that delightful, dreadful day;
Cut short the hours, dear Lord, and come, Thy lingering wheels, how long they
stay! 4 [Our weary ... the seventh angel sound on high, Let shouts be heard thro'
all the sky; Kings of the earth, with glad accord, Give up your kingdoms to the
Lord. 2 Almighty ... 2 Deep are is counsels and unknown, But grace aid truth
support his throne; Though gloomy clouds his ways surround, Justice is their
eternal ground.

The Holy Bible Containing The Old And New Testaments

Author: Adam Clarke
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609, 610. Scheme of the idyls, according to this celebrated critic, ibid. See
Canticles. Song of Ike Blessed Virgin, ports into which this inimitable piece of
poetry is obviously divisible, Lukc-i, 54. , - - . Songs, Sacred and Profane, in great
repute from very remote antiquity, Exodus xv, 1. Deut. xxxi, 19. The record of
things of great importance, and of common concern, whether in verse or prose,
generally sung by the ancients, Deut. xxxi, 19. - Sons of Thunder, import of this
Hebraism, Mark iii, ...

Birdsong By The Seasons

Author: Donald Kroodsma
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
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Then, for a more intimate experience, I collect my parabola from the car and
return, now walking with him, the parabola lifting the songs from his bill and
delivering them directly to my ears. I hear his wingbeats as he launches, then the
delicate details of Song A as he glides to earth. Three times for Song A, two for B,
one for C before he returns to A, ... I'm back for an all-nighter, as I cannot get
enough of this short-grass prairie. Dusk gives way to darkness, and with the pad
and sleeping ...

The Universalist And Ladies Repository

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As the careful mother soothes her offspring to its gentle slumber by chanting the
melody of some artless song, so nature, our common mother, while the shades of
night brood over us, utters her sonorous lullaby to calm the ... blissful spirits, too
pure and ethereal to be seen by mortal eye, or recognized by mortal sense—may
not be permitted to come down to our distant earth, on missions of mercy and
peace; to uphold and cheer the desponding, to encourage the unfortunate, to arm
the ...

The Songs Of Insects

Author: Lang Elliott
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 9780618663972
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Introduces the sounds produced by crickets, katydids, and cicadas found in eastern and central North America, including a sonagram that gives a visual representation of the sounds and recorded examples of the songs mentioned.

The Penny Magazine Of The Society For The Diffusion Of Useful Knowledge

Author: Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge
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The following extracts will give an idea of the work :—“ Perhaps, if we take a short
view of our common birds, beginning with the missel thrush, the largest British
songster, and coming down to the golden-crested wren, it may repay our trouble.
... They come to us in the spring, as the weather becomes warmer, the earth
clothed with vegetation, and the air and surface of the ground begin to teem with
insect life ; when the chrysalis bursts its case, the worm, and sl_ug,'and caterpillar
, ' and ...

The Cold Of May Day Monday

Author: Robert Anthony Welch
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191510467
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and farming and common sense. In Walsh's original the boy is stretched out on
his girl's grave; he smells of the earth, and has taken on the colour of the sun and
the wind. ... If she were dead, and a ghost, then she would come to him and be
kind to him: Were you but lying cold and dead, And lights were paling out of the
West, You would come hither, and bend your head, And I would lay my head on
your breast; And you would murmur tender words, Forgiving me, because you
were ...