Dreamscapes Of Modernity

Author: Sheila Jasanoff
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022627652X
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Through their varied disciplinary training and their willingness to join a common conversation, the contributors to this volume reveal the concept's reach from science and technology studies to neighboring fields such as anthropology, ...


Author: Tamara McKinley
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 1848663056
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Puccini was his favourite composer and Catriona Summers' voice had captured
the very essence of the tragedy of Madame Butterfly. Relaxing back in the icy
airconditioning he stared out of the window at the passing cavalcade of tourists,
shoppers and business people who poured over the crossing. He liked living in
the city – he enjoyed the buzz it gave him, yet he was all too familiar with the evil
that lay so close beneath that veneer of modernity and success – but sometimes,
like ...

Women In The New Taiwan

Author: Catherine S. Farris
Publisher: East Gate Book
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I then focus on "modernist" literature, a new genre appearing in the late 1930s,
when a new Taiwanese intelligentsia, educated in Japan, matured and started to
participate in the dreamscape of modernity. Now, if any agreement were to occur
in contemporary feminist thought, it would be the notion that "woman" is not a pre-
given object. The significance of the category "woman" is historically constructed
and implicated in various discursive formations and institutional practices (Adams

Chinese Modernity And The Individual Psyche

Author: A. Kipnis
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137268964
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In this dreamscape, which isdepicted indark halftones, a placard scrawled
withthe Chinese characters for “scenic area” (fengjing qu) protrudes from behind
his head, but itsmeaning is rendered irrelevant within this cheerless setting. “
Scenery” serves as a possible allusion tothe negative tracesleft behindby
humankindinthe natural landscape and perilsof unmitigated modern
environmental destruction.But itis also astatement on the sentiments of isolation
andimpotence inthe social ...

The Avatars Of Modernity

Author: Heinz Werner Wessler
Publisher: Munshirm Manoharlal Pub Pvt Ltd
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A Space for Action I will suggest that we in a functional scheme can understand
the dreamscapes and illusionary character of Indian films as a focalisation in
Sperbers terms.2 When "Maine Pyar Kiya" opens in its imaginative universe it is
exactly telling us that this film should be considered as the dream my Indian
friend saw it as — "this is not about the world." Furthermore, if we accept that what
the dreamscapes do is to facilitate the union of incompatibles we are told that this
is not ...

The Challenge Of Religion After Modernity

Author: Raymond L. M. Lee
Publisher: Ashgate Pub Limited
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More than a decade later, the work of Stephen LaBerge changed the
dreamscape of bourgeois consciousness. Trained in mathematics, physics and
psychophysiology, LaBerge took some of the findings of sleep research
conducted at Stanford University and applied them to the manipulation of the
dream state. The results of his research, as well as instructions for attaining
lucidity in the dream state, were published in two bestsellers.36 Like Faraday,
LaBerge does not adhere to a ...

Modernity And The Temporal Archetype In Octavio Paz

Author: Sharon Sieber
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... a simultaneous aggregate, words — following Susanne langer — "have a
linear, discrete successive order; they are strung one after another like beads on
a rosary; beyond the very limited meanings of inflections ... we cannot talk in
simultaneous bunches of names" (p. 121) . The effect of the creative state brings
out the simultaneity of the printed word; and likewise, the dreaming state brings
out the inherent simultaneity of the real word. Alice, deals, however, in the
dreamscape from ...

Origins Of Modernity

Author: Catherine Carter Goebel
ISBN: 9780971434523
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His innovative approach was highly influenced by the philosopher Friedrich
Nietzsche, who defined art as the "real metaphysical activity of man," and the
Symbolist painter, Arnold Bocklin, in his depictions of dreamscapes.1 De Chrico
most likely created Train Station Ferroviara (catalogue 86A) and the Piazza d'
ltalia (catalogue 86B) as meticulous studies for larger paintings to be completed
at a later time.2 An exclusive patronage contract with the art dealer Paul
Guillaume required ...

Chinese Woman And Modernity

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... were easily discernible from calendar posters. The following four aspects of
social life were those most affected by change: URBAN LIFE Apart from the
carefully portrayed ladies of fashion, calendar posters held a wealth of images
correspondent to the aspirations of a rising middle class. Behind beautiful women
and new products were luxurious home furnishings, yards and gardens, radios,
dance floors, golf courts, sandy beaches by azure seas and other commercial

Postsocialist Modernity

Author: Jason McGrath
Publisher: Stanford Univ Pr
Size: 21.64 MB
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... Liu, 198-99. 83. For an analysis of one of the turn-of-the-century Chinese noir
films, see Zhang Zhen, "Urban Dreamscape, Phantom Sisters, and the Identity of
an Emergent Art Cinema," in The Urban Generation: Chinese Cinema and
Society at the Turn of the Twenty- first Century (Durham, NC: Duke University
Press, 2007), 344-87. For a discussion of 37. Michael Berry, 190. 38. Jia, "Jia
Zhangke," 343. 39. NOTES TO CHAPTER THREE 245.