Grand Canyon

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Several familiar plant families are well represented in the canyon: cactus, pea,
and, most particularly, the aster family, "aster" being synonymous with "daisy." It's
almost impossible to avoid some kind of acquaintance with the latter; everybody
recognizes a dandelion. Some of the most efficient plants at dispersing their
seeds belong to the aster family: dandelions, salsify, and thistles are
professionals at this. On this beach where we're camped grow three frequent
aster familv plants: ...

Canyon O Grady No 14

Author: Jon Sharpe
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'A lark sang up from the breezy land/ A lark sang down from a cloud afar/ And she
and I went hand in hand/ In the field where the daisies are.' '" "Oh, Canyon, take
me where the daisies are. Take me upstairs. To my room. I'll show you the way."
Hand in hand they climbed the stairs. Mercedes made tiny, rapid footsteps down
the roofed-over inner balcony. At one large carved door she stopped. A winsome
smile curved her lips. O'Grady started to speak, and she pressed a finger against

Puppy Love In Thunder Canyon

Author: Christyne Butler
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“That's Brody, one of my many annoying siblings,” Annabel said with a grin.
Thomas nodded and acknowledged the younger man he guessed to be in his
early twenties with a wave. The flowers started to slip from his grip but then he
realized Annabel had reached for them. He released his hold on the bouquet, but
held tight to the bottle of wine. “Oh, aren't these pretty!” She buried her nose in the
fragrant stems. “Yellow roses, white mums and my favorites, daisies.” A whisper
of unease ...

Journeys In The Canyon Lands Of Utah And Arizona 1914 1916

Author: George Corning Fraser
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flowers— a blue flower shaped like a daisy, and yellow daisies with long leaves.
On the edges of these meadows were black birch, the long-leaved (mountain)
cotton-wood, willows and a few maples. On reaching the summit of the plateau
we found quaking aspen. I inferred that the swampy condition of spots in the
hillside were due to seeps of water from porous beds interbedded with
impervious strata. On the slope under but near the summit, I observed incipient
land slides where the ...

Canyon Interludes

Author: Paul Wesley Rea
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Above us, some ordinary-looking white daisies droop from a hanging garden. On
closer inspection, though, these are rare kachina daisies, or fleabane. The
Dolores Canyon is one of the few places where kachina daisies grow in
Colorado. They're also uncommon in Utah, where botanist Stanley Welch
discovered them near Kachina Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument. Of
the many reasons why a plant becomes rare, the most common is specialization.
Kachina daisies ...

San Bernardino National Forest N F Land And Resource S Management Plan Lrmp

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These three species are Cushenbury milkvetch (Astra alus albens), Parishfis
daisy (Erigeron parishii), and Cushenbury EucEwheat lEriggonum ovalifolium var
. vineum). Parish's daisy is a federal Category 2 Candidate species and
Cushenbury buckwheat is a federal Category 1 Candidate. One notable location
for rare plants within Cushenbury Canyon is an east-trending canyon north of
Whiskey Springs (referred to here as whiskey Springs Canyon). This is the only
site known where ...

The Desert Magazine

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By MARY BEAL I'll never forget the first time I came upon Death Valley's
Panamint Daisy in Wildrose Canyon, 11 years ago. Coming down into a
narrowed part of the canyon between steep yellow-brown clay walls, the talus on
the right was embellished with groups of unbelievably large yellow flowers like
giant daisies, rising a foot or two above hemispherical clumps of tufted silvery
leaves, a dozen or two dozen flower heads springing from a single plant. Most of
the splendid blossoms ...

River And Desert Plants Of The Grand Canyon

Author: Kristin Huisinga
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If there are too many to count, it is probably a fleabane daisy. Our species has
broad, glandular leaves that are divided into relatively wide lobes, a pattern most
prominent on the lower leaves. This differentiates it from other nonglandular,
hairy, narrow-leaved fleabane daisies. Fleabane daisy was once thought to be
endemic to Arizona but has now been found in Nevada, Utah, and California.
One of fourteen Erigeron species in the Grand Canyon, it is common throughout
the Inner ...

Grand Views Of Canyon Country

Author: David B. Williams
Publisher: Canyonlands National Hist Assn
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Wallace's Woolly-daisy Eriophyllum wallacei Cray In the warm to hot desert lands
of southwestern Utah, western Arizona, southern Nevada, and southern
California, there occur a series of diminutive annual species of woolly-daisy.
They grow in sandy or gravelly soils in the creosote brush vegetative type. Often
a second species with white ray flowers, Eriophyllum lanosum Cray, grows with
Wallace's woolly-daisy. That plant, whose name can be translated as "the woolly
woolly-leaf," is ...