Grand Canyon

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Tvpical aster family flowers follow the familiar "composite" pattern of daisies, "
composed" of two kinds of flowers. Pull off a "petal" and you discover it's an
individual blossom; even without a hand lens, you can see the minute bloom
hidden in the incurled base of each ray. In the disk, tiny tubular flowers pack
close together, their spiral growth pattern following the Fibonacci number
sequence. Broom snakeweed, ubiquitous in the canyon, bears dozens of shirt-
button-size yellow daisies ...

Canyon Interludes

Author: Paul Wesley Rea
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Above us, some ordinary-looking white daisies droop from a hanging garden. On
closer inspection, though, these are rare kachina daisies, or fleabane. The
Dolores Canyon is one of the few places where kachina daisies grow in
Colorado. They're also uncommon in Utah, where botanist Stanley Welch
discovered them near Kachina Bridge in Natural Bridges National Monument. Of
the many reasons why a plant becomes rare, the most common is specialization.
Kachina daisies ...

Dreaming On Daisies

Author: Miralee Ferrell
Publisher: David C Cook
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A sense of desolation, deeper than any canyon she'd ever stared into, threatened
to topple her. If Tom's claim was true, her mother had abandoned her without so
much as a word. And nine years had passed without even a letter. Why? How
could she do that to her own child? Steven steadied her with a firm hand. “Why
don't you sit on the porch?” He indicated one of the chairs. She gazed up into his
warm eyes and slowly shook her head. “Thank you. I'm fine now. A little dizzy for
a ...

Puppy Love In Thunder Canyon

Author: Christyne Butler
Publisher: Harlequin
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“That's Brody, one of my many annoying siblings,” Annabel said with a grin.
Thomas nodded and acknowledged the younger man he guessed to be in his
early twenties with a wave. The flowers started to slip from his grip but then he
realized Annabel had reached for them. He released his hold on the bouquet, but
held tight to the bottle of wine. “Oh, aren't these pretty!” She buried her nose in the
fragrant stems. “Yellow roses, white mums and my favorites, daisies.” A whisper
of unease ...

Caprock Canyonlands

Author: Dan Louie Flores
Publisher: Texas A&M University Press
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Canyon de Chelly, ix canyonlands ecology, 108- 1 10 Canyon Morning (Howard)
, 137 Canyons School, 137 Canyon with Crows (O'Keeffe), 129 Caprock
Amphitheatre State Park, 140, 165, 170 Caprock Canyons, 5, 17, 85, 100, 101,
106, 108; geology of, 11 Caprock Canyons State Park, 2, 59, 97, 162, 170; hike ...
See rattlesnakes, Western diamondback cuckoo, yellow-billed, 108 curanderos [
as], 61-64 daisies, plains blackfoot, 51 daisies, sleepy, 51, 112 daisies, Tahoka,
Index 195.

Tough Daisies

Author: Clarence Robert Haywood
Publisher: Univ Pr of Kansas
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"Well, sir," he said, "down in Paly Duro Canyon— you know where that is down in
Injun Territory? Well, sir, it was over sixty feet deep. Old Captain Painter thought
he'd lost his whole herd— about 2000 head. Fretted and stewed about it all the
rest of the winter. Jest afore the first thaw, Captain Painter rode out . . . lookin' fer '
em. First, he found about forty head under the snow near the south wall of the
canyon. Them Texas steers [had to be Texas steers] had plowed tunnels a mile
or ...

Wild Bird

Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
Publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 1101940468
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The Colorado River cut the Grand Canyon into the earth like floodwaters cut into
these sandstone canyons.” Mia glances at Michelle, then grins at me. “I'm gonna
picture us rafting down a river of daisies.” I try to go with that image, but there's
noise in my head. Noise telling me that we're walking upstream, not down. Noise
telling me there's no such thing as a river of daisies. Besides, even I know these
aren't daisies. They're low to the ground. And the petals look rough, not smooth.

Daisies Collected Poems

Author: Frederick Johnson
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Rebirth them Black. Let them dream their noisy dreams.. Let them watch the
wealth snake dance away. Awake them to this thesaurus, Storehouse of
continuing contradictions.. Let them warm their hanris ua. Detroit,. Vote in
Mississippi; Let them take their mops,, buckets" and Brooms for days work in the
grand canyon-.. Teach the people to despair As their heroes have despaired;:
Arrested in mid-fame in newsprint:,. Snatched out of context; Bone and sinew cut
from their legends- Dead ...

Human Crying Daisies

Author: Ray González
ISBN: 9781888996760
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The mountains parted and I saw the canyon. When the guitar cut loose and the
timbales crashed into vibrating wood, I was met by an angry crowd and elected
prince. I ruled for two centuries, until they found me perfectly bound and
preserved at the most popular tourist bar in Santa Fe.When his guitar shouted
from atop the pyramid, I was taught by sound and the riot police. It was near the
end of the song and I had seconds to pull the cottonwood tree out of my nose and
plant it on the ...