Wildest Alaska

Author: Philip L. Fradkin
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 9780520930285
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Captain Cook had a vague desire to rescue Chirikov's men, should they still be
alive, but he sailed too far off shore to be of much help. It was excellent weather.
There were gentle breezes, and the Resolution and its sister ship, the Discovery,
crawled northwestward along the coastline. Cook was concerned about a leak on
the Resolution and flirted with the notion of seeking a protected harbor.
Fortunately the leak was not serious, or his crew might have encountered the
same fate as ...

Wildest Hearts

Author: Jayne Ann Krentz
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743496469
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I'm going to cook it.” “Mr. Rain instructed me to cook dinner for both of you tonight.
I take my orders from him.” Bolt peeled a potato with machine-like precision. He
looked awesomely efficient dressed in a spotless white apron over his white shirt
and tie. Annie refused to allow herself to be intimidated by the skillful manner in
which Bolt wielded the paring knife. The man was good, she admitted it.
Apparently he was good at everything. But she intended to cook dinner. She had
been ...

Southern Living 1 001 Ways To Cook Southern

Author: The Editors of Southern Living
Publisher: Time Inc. Books
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Wildest. Rice. Soup. Makes 10 cups Prep: 25 min. cook: 20 min. 1 (6.2-oz.)
package long-grain and wild rice mix 1 lb. bacon, diced 2 cups chopped fresh
mushrooms 1 large onion, diced 33⁄4 cups half-and-half 21⁄2 cups chicken broth
2 (103⁄4-oz.) cans cream of potato soup, undiluted 1 (8-oz.) loaf pasteurized
prepared cheese product, cubed 1. Cook wild rice mix according to package
directions, omitting seasoning packet; set aside. 2. Cook bacon in a Dutch oven
until crisp; remove ...

Cook Inlet Planning Area Alaska Ocs Outer Continental Shelf Oil And Gas Sale 149

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... the premise that oil will flow from a spill, hit land, and that's it. And that's crazy.
You even say it in your own document, what's going to happen. When there's a
spill, it may cover half of lower Cook Inlet. It's going to hit more than just one spot.
Response Please see the response to Comment MAB~02. HPH-l3 (Page 43,
Lines 19-25; Page 44, Line 1) Another problem with the EIS. A spill is assumed to
happen in 15-knot winds. Cook Inlet is known for some of the wildest winds

Under A Cloud

Author: Eliot Sefrin
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595372147
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Eleven months into the job, police work had become everything Rachel Cook
had ever wanted it to be, and more. At times, it seemed as if she'd realized
nothing short of an impossible dream. The job was exhilarating and gratifying
beyond Cook's wildest imagination, far different than the immature fantasy she'd
harbored when she'd begun—but, in some ways, so much better. It was better,
mostly, because it was real. Matt Holland had been right: Rachel Cook was truly
making it as a ...

History Of M Ori Of Nelson And Marlborough

Author: Hilary Mitchell
Publisher: Huia Publishers
ISBN: 9781869690878
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Cook therefore decided that he would not risk leaving any of his cattle.'" Despite
his misgivings about the chances of survival of these animals, they succeeded in
establishing themselves beyond Cook's wildest dreams. Just over 60 years later
in August 1839, Ernst Dieffenbach (of the New Zealand Company's advance
party) visited Motuara Island where 'We found several natives on the island . . .
The natives were merely temporary sojourners, and had come from Cannibal's
Cove to ...

Cook S Tourists Handbook For Palestine And Syria

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The Lejah is an extraordinary elevated region, of a regular, almost oval shape,
measuring about twenty-two miles from north to south, and about fourteen from
west to east. It has been described as " an ocean of basaltic rocks and boulders,
tossed about in the wildest confusion, and intermingled with fissures and crevices
in every direction." Deserted cities and villages, massive in structure and of
remote antiquity, thickly stud this wild, forbidding region. The exploits of Jair in
Argob, ...

Captain Cook

Author: Frank McLynn
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300114214
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Even Elliott, who usually idolised Cook, thought that on this occasion 'he had lost
sight of both justice and humanity."° Cook probably acted thus
uncharacteristically (at this stage of his career, at least) for two main reasons. He
himself was ill, suffering from severe constipation and off his food. Additionally,
morale on the ship was starting to plummet. Word had now circulated that the
Resolution would not be returning to England in 1774, and the wildest rumours
were circulating, to the ...

Wildest Dreams

Author: Savannah Kade
Publisher: Griffyn Ink
ISBN: 1937996751
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“Look, there's not much else I can do to be useful right now, but I can cook better
than you can. And what's gonna happen? Are you going to gain weight?” “Ha ha.
Thanks.” She thought for a minute. “That's not funny.” “Yeah, it's a shame you can'
t drink all the beer you want.” “Don't remind me.” He grinned. “So, are you going
to let me cook for the two of you or not?” She relented. One of these days she was
going to have to fend for herself. But since that often involved a microwave, his ...