Churchill Roosevelt Company

Author: Lewis E. Lehrman
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 0811765474
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Synthesizing an impressive variety of sources from memoirs and letters to histories and biographies, Lewis Lehrman explains how the Anglo-American alliance worked--and occasionally did not work--by presenting portraits and case studies of ...

Author: Jerome David Salinger
ISBN: 9786119007604
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The Soul Of A Leader

Author: Waller R. Newell
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061984825
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Finally, he draws from these stories ten lessons in political greatness—lessons the next American president will be wise to heed.

The New York Times Book Review

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The author, who must have spent years in research for this pioneer effort, is,
fortunately, enough of a skeptic to look with ... He sifts through all of the data,
clarifying the crazy, mixed-up structure of the various companies and their foreign
affiliates. ... This is Okeh's "Laughing Record," in which a couple of characters do
nothing but cackle their way through a disk. ... The serious challenge of Mr.
Untermeyer's work is its astonishing omission of a man so great that all
subsequent statecraft in ...

Paperbound Books In Print

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Churchill, R. S. A W. S. 0.95. ... Socialism: Utopian A Scientific. Engels, F. 1.00. (6
). LML. Intl Pub Co. Socialist Base of Modem Totalitarianism. (Orig). ... U of Wash
Pr. Soviet Attitudes Toward Authority: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Problems
of Soviet Character. ... Soviet Political Mind: Studies in Stalinism A Post-Stalin
Change. ... Intl Pub Co. State A Statecraft in Old Java: A Study of the Later
Mataram Period, 16th to 19th Century. (Orig). Moertono, S. Frwd. by O. W. Walters

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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From Walpole, in England, down through Pitt, Fox, Burke, Palmerston, Gladstone,
Disraeli, and now Churchill, and in America from ... Lincoln, Johnson, Theodore
Roosevelt, and now Franklin Roosevelt, the outstanding servants of the public
good have been politicians. ... His studies were in this sphere. ... businessman
makes a point of insisting that his men shall learn the business from the bottom
up. ... A democracy must fall without leaders of courage, intelligence, and

Saturday Review

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Soibelman Syndicate Barinov, Soviet oil official, and W. C. Teagle, president of
the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey. ... Romans by Cardinal Richelieu —
porcere subjectis et de- bellare superbos — is as relevent to biography as to
statecraft. ... has been devoted to reducing the proud of history, but now, it
appears, the humble are having their innings. Characters ... has not fared well at
the hands of most historical students, despite Mr. Winston Churchill's more
indulgent view of her.


Author: Briton Hadden
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Dr. Shadid's work, A Doctor For the People rev., co-operative organization, 1 My
62; Mayo Clinic, Dr. Chas. ... 5 Je 78 Meehan, Joseph, Stock Exchange seat. . . .3
Ap 51 Megladdery, Mark L., guilty (p) 5 Je 18 Mehard, Churchill B., graft case,
sketch . ... statecraft, vetoes, criticism, 12 Je 20; women called "Michigeese" (L),
26 Je 6 Midnight Sun Broadcasting Co., plans, ... and Marian Anderson concert,
17 Ap 23; Roosevelt squelches corp. tax plan (p), 22 My 17 Mori, Prince
Motomichi, ...

Forthcoming Books

Author: Rose Arny
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2nd ed. (Social Studies) Date not set pap. ... Nixon's Ten Commandments of
Statecraft: His Guiding Principles of Leadership & Negotiation. ... F. D. Roosevelt
to L. Johnson, 1933-1969. .... It is not intended to slur or malign the character or
reputation of any federal manager. ... Churchill, Ward & Wenne, Sharon H., eds.