Cases In Comparative Politics

Author: O'Neil, Patrick H
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Cases in Comparative Politics , fifth edition, is a set of thirteen country studies that describe politics in the United Kingdom, the United States, India, Brazil, Iran, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, China, Mexico, South Africa and ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

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Boston, Little, Brown. 506 p. (Cases in comparative politics) Appl. states all new
except one contribution. © Little, Brown & Co., Inc.; 6 Jan'70; Al27043. PYKE,
HELEN GODFREY. A sword unsheathed. Nashville, Southern Pub ... National
Industrial Conference Board, New York City, January 20, 1970. 1 v. Ö William C.
Pyle; 2OJan'70; Al28.350. PYLE, WILLIAM W. Workbook of study guides with
solutions for Fundamental accounting principles, fifth edition. See ROBINSON,

The Political Economy Of Regional Cooperation

Author: W. Andrew Axline
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
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3 Arend Lijphart, 'Comparative Politics and the Comparative Method', The
American Political Science Review, LXV, 3 (September 1971), pp. 682-93.
Reprinted in Roy C. Macridis and Bernard E. Brown (eds.), Comparative Politics:
Notes and Readings, 5th edition, Georgetown, Ont.: Dorsey Press, 1977. pp. 50-
66. C.C. Ragin, The ... 'The Comparable-Cases Strategy in Comparative
Research', Comparative Political Studies, 8, 2 (July 1975), pp. 158-77. Reprinted
in Louis J. Cantori ...

Comparative Politics Domestic Responses To Global Challenges

Author: Charles Hauss
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9.3 Key Events in the Origins of the Soviet State 231 9.4 Key Events in the
Evolution of the Soviet State 234 9.5 Key Events in the Gorbachev Years 240 9.6
Key Events in Russian Politics since 1991 243 9.7 Russian Attitudes about
Democracy 247 9.8 Elections to the Russian Duma, 1993, 1995, and 1999 249
9.9 The 2003 State Duma Election 249 9.10 The Russian Presidential Election of
1996 249 9.11 The Russian Presidential Election of 2000 249 9.12 Presidential
Vote, 2004 ...

Comparative Politics

Author: John T. Ishiyama
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Ishiyama, John (1993) “Founding Elections and Transitional Party Development:
The Cases of Estonia and Latvia,” Communist and Post-Communist Studies, 26 (
October): 277–299. Ishiyama, John ... Koeble, Thomas A. (1995) “The New
Institutionalism in Political Science and Sociology,” Comparative Politics, 27 (
January): 231–243. Lasswell ... Mannheim, Jarol, Rich, Richard C., and Willnat,
Lars (2002) Empirical Political Analysis, 5th edition, New York: Longman. March,
James G.

Comparative Politics Of Latin America

Author: Daniel Hellinger
Publisher: Routledge
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3. everyone agrees that Mexico, Cuba, and nicaragua had revolutions, but there
are some other cases (e.g., Bolivia in the 1950s, Chile under allende, Venezuela
since 1998) that might qualify as such. What in your mind are ... John Booth,
Christine Wade, and thomas Walker provide good insights on contemporary
Central america in Understanding Central America: Global Forces, Rebellion and
Change, now in its fifth edition (Boulder, CO: Westview Press, 2009). Jorge
Castañeda's ...

Conceptualising Comparative Politics

Author: Anthony Petros Spanakos
Publisher: Routledge
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15 It seems that the Turkish state offered jobs to all religious scholars except for
some exceptional cases. If the job offer was rejected, then a regular payment was
provided. ... In Bugünkü Dille Atatürk'un Söylev ve Demeçleri IIII, 5th edition,
edited by A. Sevim, İ. Öztoprak and M.A. Tural. Ankara: Atatürk Ara?tırma ...
aSecularization: A Multi-Dimensional Concept«. Current Sociology 29 (2): 3¥153.
Esposito, J. 1998. Islam and Politics. Syracuse: Syracuse University Press.
Ferrari, S. 2005.

Judicial Process Law Courts And Politics In The United States

Author: David W. Neubauer
Publisher: Cengage Learning
ISBN: 1305506529
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1975. The Legal System: A Social Science Perspective. New York: Russell Sage
Foundation. George, Robert. 2000. Great Cases in Constitutional Law. Princeton,
N.J.: Princeton University Press. Howard, J. Woodford. 1981. Courts of Appeals in
the Federal Judicial System: A Study of the Second, Fifth, and District of
Columbia Circuits. Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press. Kesselman, Mark,
Joel Krieger, and William Joseph. 2010. Introduction to Comparative Politics. 5th