The Arch Conjuror Of England

Author: Glyn Parry
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... Ortelius atlas (B/Ortelius) at Hatfield (Skelton and Summerson,A Description
ofMaps . . . made by William Cecil); Taylor, ed.,A ... Robert Poole, Time's
Alteration: Calendar Reform in Early Modern England (London, 1998), pp. 38440
. . BLO MS Ashmole 487, NovemberiDecember 1582. . David Cressy, 'God's Time
, Rome's Time, and the Calendar of the English Protestant Regime', Wator:
Medieval and ... Calendarium Gregorianum perpetuum (Venice, 1582), R&VV,
1205, not found.

Monuments Of Book Illustration Early Printing And Manuscripts

Author: William H. Schab Gallery
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KALENDARIUM GREGORIANUM PERPETUUM. 4to., 32 leaves. Printed in red
and black. Woodcut initials. Old vellum. Munich, Adam Montanus, 1583. $ 250.—
Early edition of the Gregorian Calendar, printed one year after the papal bull on ...

For The Sake Of Learning 2 Vols

Author: Ann Blair
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the modern criteria of historical research better than the work of any
predecessors, including Sigonio. ... exposed as an eighth-century forgery
masquerading as a fourth-century document giving the Roman Catholic Church
temporal ... an ancient calendar of the medieval Studium, Kalendarium
Honorificum Perpetuum Archigymnasii Bononiensis (1280), which ... of his
reputation as a man so invested in his particular version of the history of Bologna
that he deliberately forged its past.

The Sphere Of Marcus Manilius Made An English Poem

Author: Marcus Manilius
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Ancient and Modern. ... an Apologetical Disputation in behalf of the Gregorian
Calendar , a- gainst Jacobus Herbrandm, a Divine of Tubingne ; of whom more in
Ribadeneira, lib. ... and Ditmars, put forth Calendar ium, Romanum,
Oeconomicum,Ecclefia&icum , Ajironomicum , & fere perpetuum j and an
Astrological Treatise, ...

Quomodo Cantabimus Canticum

Author: David Butler Cannata
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Even in the early Church, the question of the Hypostatic Union was hotly
contested. ... correlation of the New Testament tracts in question in The
Horizontal Line Synopsis of the Gospels, 2nd ed. ... and the Visit of the Magi, all
the while setting the Nativity story, skillfully, against the contemporaneous Roman
/Jewish interaction. ... For one of the most astute opinions on civil and
ecclesiastical calendars for the modern period, see Aloysio Maria a Carpo, /
Calendarium Perpetuum (Ferrara, ...

Classical Living

Author: Frances Bernstein
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This beautiful volume combines delectable recipes such as fava bean salad for good digestion and a healthy body with rituals such as water healing in a luxurious bath to nurture oneself and to honor the deities who rule each month.

Nonfictional Romantic Prose

Author: Steven P. Sondrup
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A related issue also to be explored concerns the rationale for the themes
explored in the non-fictional prose of the specifically ... came to be and what
topics they traditionally treated helps to illuminate their form and function in more
modern times. ... and Arthur Riihmann's Geschichte der deutschen
Taschenbiicher und Almanache aus der klaxsisch-romantischen Zeit (1954). ...
manuscript of an Arabic-Latin dictionary in which the entry for mandkh
corresponds to kalendarium (calendar).


Author: Susan Jaskot
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The Greatest Innovator; Timekeeping and Time Consciousness in Early Modern
Europe Susan Jaskot Rachel ... The new calendar was adopted at once by those
countries recognizing Rome's authority while Protestant states retained the Julian
calendar. ... From the Papal Bull, Kalendarium Gregorianum Perpetuum, 1582.

Science And Medicine In The Scottish Enlightenment

Author: Charles W. J. Withers
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ical manuscripts and documents for the library, which also housed some Roman
artifacts. ... He knew something of Newton's work, had read Clarke's edition of
Rohault's physics, owned a work by Leibnitz and followed the ... He kept up with
the deist controversy, the Boyle lectures and modern history and read as many
journals as he could. ... But he also invented a new kind of sundial and he seems
to have published a perpetual calendar, the Calendarium lunae perpetuum, in