Billy Bragg

Author: Andrew Collins
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Be on the cover of the NME. One down. The 14 january issue of NME made it two
. 'GIRLS, GUNS, GUTS, GUITARS' ran the cover~line, subtitled 'Billy Bragg's New
England by Gavin Martin.' He'd made it. just as models move into a new orbit
when they become 'cover girls', so a music press cover star carries a certain
cachet — but it's not quite the equivalent passport to success. For a kick-off, the
glory lasts only a week. Sure, it means everything for the seven days that your
mug is on ...

Morrissey Marr The Severed Alliance

Author: Johnny Rogan
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 0857127829
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What they had gleaned was news of “a personality clash between Morrissey and
Marr.” This was padded out with a tissue of speculative gossip, much of which
was fascinating, but veered heavily towards the fanciful and sensationally
inaccurate. The NME's breakdown of break-up rumours was threefold: 1. “Marr
has reportedly told friends in Manchester that he and Morrissey are no longer
pals, and he is sick of the singer acting the self-centred star. He says the working
relationship ...

Securities Class Action Alert

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NME failed to disclose the specifics of this "mismanagement," and never made
another disclosure about this investigation thereby implying that further
disclosure was not material and also making NME 's previous limited disclosures
... In fact, the 92 2d Qtr 10-Q failed even to comment on reported investigations in
Alabama, Louisiana or the Midwestern state left unidentified in the Star-Ledger
report, let alone the wrongdoing in NME facilities in other states and the overall
scope and ...


Author: Simon Goddard
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He later appeared inside the NME pretending to drink the liquid and on its front
cover glowering from bthind a row of Beaver bottles beside the hcadlinc '
Morrisscy comes clcan'. Along the same lines. and during the sum: period. he ...
Morrisscy was less than impressccl hy his former video cit-star's on-screcn death.
'1 inst thought it was the worst television ever.~ he groaned. ~l just thought, never
again can I watch this programme! II-M. iu' 2| r. 4m] 'Edgt-s Are No Longer
Parallel, Thc' ...

Death And The Rock Star

Author: Catherine Strong
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317154509
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The New Musical Express (NME) offered a free The World at One tape in its
October 1987 edition and this, along with the first World of Music, Arts and Dance
(WOMAD) festival, organised by Peter Gabriel at Shepton Mallet in 1984, led to
music from Africa and Asia ... Rolling Stone was established in 1967, a vehicle for
the 'gonzo' journalism of Hunter S. Thompson, and although its lineage is
countercultural, it is now arguably part of the (predominantly) white US rock

You Never Give Me Your Money

Author: Peter Doggett
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 140908664X
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Thomson, Elizabeth and Gutman, David (eds), The lennon Companion (London:
Macmillan, £987). Toblcr, john and Grundy, Stuart, The Record Producers (
London: BBC, 1982). Turner, Steve, The Gospel According to the Beatles (
London: Westminster john Knox Press, 2006). Unterberger, Richie, The
Unreleased Beatles (San Francisco: Backbeat, 2006). Vollmer,jiirgen, Rock'n'Roll
Times (Paris: Edition dc Nesle, I98I). Wenner, jann S., Lennon Remembers (
London: Verso. 2000).

Spacecraft Attitude Determination And Control

Author: James R. Wertz
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9400999070
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If (S) = 1, those bins where there are no stars become the important ones; if the
star catalog is complete, these “holes” will never contain observations when the
correct phase is found. ... Because the maximum elevation error for an
observation is 62, the elevation information is useful if 62%6 To include elevation
information, redefine the score given in Eq. (7-129) as B B R= X > NME, (7-131) i
= 1 j = 1 where E = 1 if the elevation of one of the observations in the ith bin is
within 6, of the ...

Christian Treasury

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Thtre is a beam to light the mind; There is a Star the soul to cheer; And they, that
heavenly light who find, Shall always see it burning clear; The nme its bright.
celestial face, In every change of time and place. Star ofmy heart ! that long halt
shone, To cheer the inward lplrit's sky. lllurnined from the heavenly throne, Thou
hast a ray that cannot die. 'I'it God ... No, you can never perish with such a
sympathiser, such a compassionate friend, such an almighty'Saviour to befriend
you. Then let ...

Pc Mag

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C One of the Most Important Components Built Into our Computers. ou're looking
at the strongest cusY tomer assurance program in the industry - Tri-Star's
Customer Assurance Program. ... No one else stands behind their product with as
much confidence as Tri-Star. ... 01 nme -(WHO, Nd Z5) gunntee docs not mtludt
snipe-rig wages On S-In xvmc ¢I- mos: locations 1 Vearwalunty II-'Ina: system
heybo-Id, H00 ni. aswntfled pmprmi Iran: an )3 tan and monitors are covered I01 l

The Beatles In The News 1966

Author: Colin Barratt
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MORE BEATLES LP TITLES ORE titles on the Beatles' forthcoming LP — several
tracks were exclusively revealed in last week's NME – include a George Harrison
sitar number written by himself, “Love You To”, and Paul singing “Good Day
Sunshine” with recording ... Nearly all “Spinott's" cast and crew fell victim to the
virus, but the star never succlimbed. - I E!'s ... I've never seen a Trip, crowd so 'luit
::tly zitte:Fitive during an artist's - &#king the stillness between sai:s for fråntić api'