The D Nme

Author: Marc Baer
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Above the entrance, a large six- pointed star is embedded within an ornate
arabesque. Among the ... they built a mosque, and prayed in it, they either did not
do so sincerely, or never ac- tually engaged in Muslim rituals there. From all the ...

Billy Bragg

Author: Andrew Collins
Publisher: Random House
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That said, such long-term realism rarely tarnishes the kudos when you're on the
cover of the NME - for that week, you are the most significant name in rock. In
these competitive times, choice of cover star is more often than not a commercial

How S Your Dad Living In The Shadow Of A Rock Star Parent

Author: Zoë Howe
Publisher: Omnibus Press
ISBN: 0857124153
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I never really realised what he'd done, it was just: he was busy, there was music,
there was Mum shouting at Top Of The Pops, we'd know ... Passed down from
parent to child is not only the talent or the inclination to embrace music, but a
savviness, an ability to hear in a different ... It might surprise some to learn that
despite the great prog/ punk wars of the Seventies (waged largely by NME
because they ...

Black Vinyl White Powder

Author: Simon Napier-Bell
Publisher: Random House
ISBN: 1446491722
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(Simon Le Bon in NME. l995) 342 'When l'tn not working H.' (Elvis Costello in
NME, 1995) 342 'It's wearing. You're on all the ... (ibid) 352 'Mother I can never
come home again ('Sorted for [is Banks, Cocker, Doyle, Mackey Snr and Webher.
K)' 1995, Universal ... (ibid) 341 'Life is too short to bear grudges' (Elton John,
Sun) 342 'When you're a rock star (Sting in Obstfeld and Fitzgerald, 1997). '.4

International Trade Reporter

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Commerce is free to develop its practice regarding NME collapsing. ... of financial
statements spanning a five-year period, China First has never invested in,
purchased, merged with, or even engaged in joint marketing efforts with Three

Securities Class Action Alert

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NME also announced that the Company's "internal investigation of these matters
is continuing. ... NME failed to disclose the specifics of this "mismanagement,"
and never made another disclosure about this investigation thereby implying that
... on reported investigations in Alabama, Louisiana or the Midwestern state left
unidentified in the Star-Ledger report, let alone the wrongdoing in NME facilities
in ...

I M Not With The Band

Author: Sylvia Patterson
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0751558699
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What is it, actually, you're afraid of? ... as a spineless weed incapable of control,
wit, guile or spirit and you'll never work in this town again. ... And the NME was, at
its indie core, the so-called superficial pop star's enemy (hence the name), its
default position one of skewwigged judge to perceived crimes against '

Christian Treasury

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Thtre is a beam to light the mind; There is a Star the soul to cheer; And they, that
heavenly light who find, Shall always see it burning clear; The nme its bright.
celestial face, In every change of time and place. Star ofmy heart ! that long halt ...

United States Court Of International Trade Reports

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Plaintiffs continue to argue that (1) SLI Order #5 was never implemented due to
objections from both China First's Board of Directors and Three Star's Employee
Representative Committee; (2) China First never took over Three Star, and China


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Ah! may a warm, cheery, dinner-party pass S May hearty dinners charm weary
papa's.-RoggEE hu RT. ... My clothes so CD seem to B, I would not wish to C
Even my #" NME rueSo like an FEG. ... He drinks XS of obv, But never pays XII;
RAA his mind in NmiT In faults U Che's YY. ... Many harm Day star appear, shine
we cry!