Blue On Blue

Author: Charles Campisi
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 1501127209
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From 1996 through 2014 Charles Campisi headed NYPD's Internal Affairs Bureau, working under four police commissioners and gaining a reputation as hard-nosed and incorruptible.

Mass Media

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The cop who goes too far in battling his conventional or dumb or corrupt
superiors, who themselves have gone too far; or who passes beyond legal
boundaries fighting a conventional or dumb or corrupt system that has exceeded
all legal boundaries; or who slugs it out ... In American pop culture, there was
always the good outsider sheriff squaring off against the bad insider sheriff —
Wyatt Earp; Gary Cooper in High Noon — or the good stranger vanquishing the
established authorities ...

Target Blue

Author: Robert Daley
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He sent me a memo demanding three "tough Murphy" stories a week. He wanted
to hit hard on the corruption issue. I suggested that we group all our corruption
investigations, and release this news once a month. If we tried to make publicity
out of each individual case, we'd merely give the city the impression that every
single cop on the street was corrupt. Murphy replied, "Steve Kennedy stayed on
top for five years as the feared head who month after month fired crooked cops.

Reel Vancouver

Author: Ken MacIntyre
ISBN: 9781551105062
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An Insider's Guide Ken MacIntyre. moves to Seattle and tries to create a stable
life for her son by marrying a "good provider." The new husband, however,
decides to make the boy's life a living hell. Based on a true story. Tomcat:
Dangerous Desires (Horror) 1993 ... Beyond Suspicion (Drama) 1994 Director:
Paul Ziller Cast: Jack Scalia, Stephanie Kramer When a corrupt cop learns a
photo- journalist has succumbed to amnesia, he spares her life after she
witnesses an illicit murder.

Buyer S Guide

Author: William White
Size: 73.59 MB
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A difficult and intense situation is complicated further by the reappearance of
Holly's corrupt brother, Ritchie, who contrives to ruin her reputation in the fine arts
world. Rich in details ... Murphy and Blue, who move from one blue-collar job to
another, leaving a trail of broken families behind. As they drift ... local police. This
academic mystery has all the wit, literary allusion, and insider's campus lore one
expects of its type, plus the poignant but never sentimental love story of Neil and
Pril ...

Television Guide

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3311 Big Idea with Donny Deutsch 0 CNN CNN Sunday 0 CNN Presents Larry
King CNN Sunday Night Comedy Central ☆ * * Blue Collar Comedy Tour The
Movie (2003) 0: Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall. Ron White and ... trMtTi Court TV
Anatomy of Crime ;t'C | Cops 0 SHE | Cops 0 {SHE Cops 033 | Cops 0 {£113
Cops03MIi |Cops033 Discovery Deadliest Catch: Episode highlights of the crab-
fishing season include dangers, adventures and disasters encountered. 310
NEW Perfect ...

Videohound S Golden Movie Retriever

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Can he prove his innocence before more bodies pile up and the cops catch him?
95m/c VHS. Corbin Bemsen. .... Rosa has always made the best of what life has
given her and she soon befriends Maria's courtly neighbor (Alvarez-Novoa) while
Maria continues to get involved with the wrong men and make bad choices.
Spanish with Subtitles. 98m/C ... Gleason is in good form, but McQueen is listless,
and the story (set in a Southern army camp) is unsatisfying. Weld is the comely
teen ...

The Writers Directory

Author: Miranda H. Ferrara
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Art/ Art history. Environmental sciences/Ecology, Film. Carter: Author, illustrater,
designer, filmmaker. One Women Exhibitions, London, 1975, New York, 1983;
One-Woman Travelling Exhibition, Australia. 1988-89, 1991-92. 1995-97. 2000-
02; Collections include: .... Publications: Nam: The Vietnam War in the Words of
the Men and Women Who Fought There, 1 98 1 ; Cops: Their Lives in Their Own
Words, 1985; Women: American Women in Their Own Words, 1990; What Men
Really ...

Collier S

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I have frequently impersonated an officer, especially in New York City where it
was easy because there used to be a detective named Gallagher who looked like
me, and cops would call me Gallagher before I had any chance to identify myself.
(Of course ... If there is an insistent demand for another picture of Marlene
Dietrich at a night-club table, I have not heard it, and I think we all know now that
Marlon Brando has gone through his blue-jean period and wears suits just like