The Bill Of Rights

Author: Founding Fathers (CRT)
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Offers the text of the Bill of Rights followed by a history of the amendments, placing the document in its historical context.

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New Church Messenger

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A recent instance of this is contained in a little book entitled “George Mason,"
privately circulated by a loyal and admiring member of the Mason family. ... The
Virginia Bill of Rights was the fir_st_i_nstrument to embody in organic law the
three-fold division of governmental powers. and George Mason may well have
gotten this idea from Swedenborg's trinity of love, wisdom, and use; love is the
law-maker. the legislature; wrs~ dom is the judge, the judiciary; and the operation
of these in ...

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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The wisdom of society has decided that it is conducive to the progress and
welfare of thankind that in books the verbal expression alone shall be the subject
of monopoly and ownership, while the ideas shall be free to all, rewarding the
inventor and ... No natural exclusive rights ever have been or can be recognized,
and it becomes simply a matter of expediency what conditions shall be imposed
when the be:nefit of monopoly, heretofore restricted to our citizens, is proposed to
be ...

A Hand Book For Reformers

Author: James Paul Cobbett
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Dean Swift is another to the same effect, as we find in several of his writings. He
said that “our liberty could never be placed upon a firm foundation, till the ancient
laws should be revived, by which our Parliaments were made annual.” On the
passing of the third Trienniel Bill, William III, at first refused the Royal assent to it.
Swift, on behalf of Sir William Temple, went to the King, to endeavour to reconcile
him to frequent elections. “As to Parliaments,” says Swift, “I adored the wisdom of

New York Magazine

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BOOKS Philip Roth made her sign a prenuptial agreement, "a document glaring
in its absence of any provision for me should Philip decide, for any reason
whatsoever, to seek a divorce," and she still married him. Throughout, Bloom ...
that this fall is a bit thin out of strategic defensiveness — readers' attentions would
be stretched thin, what with the conventions and the election in November. It
looks to be a ...

The New York Times Book Review

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Books once priced at 820, 830. 840- now only 83.95, 84.95. 85.95. • Choose from
thousands of titles. Including hundreds of new arrivals In each catalog Issue. •
Books for every Interest: Biography. History, Fiction, Nature. Science, the Arts,
Cooking ... 'Honesty' topped their list." Discover what else Dan learned from
women who speak their minds with wisdom and spice. "Dan True, in this
wonderfully refreshing book, unravels just exacdy what is on women's rninds
nowadays about men.


Author: Stephen Sheehi
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It was the dawn of the unipolar world and policy strategies and new visions of the
US role in the Middle East were abundant. Not coincidentally, Bill Clinton
championed the WTO and NAFTA, signaling new economic realities to
accompanying new political realities. The US needed to re-equip itself
ideologically to deal with its “victory” over Communism; its victory over a rival that
was now absent. This void in which the US found itself the undisputed global
superpower left practical ...

Current Biography Yearbook 1997

Author: Elizabeth A. Schick
Publisher: H. W. Wilson
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Although Dyson has been lauded in Eastern Europe (she has been listed as one
of the 10 most influential people in the Russian Who's Who in the Computer
Market), some observers in the United States see her efforts there as being of
little potential benefit. One industry ... She is the chair of the Electronic Frontier
Foundation (EFF), an organization that was originally founded to protect the
rights of computer hackers. As "surfing the ... Let's make sure it has rules we can
live with.' These ...