Aviation Records In The Jet Age

Author: William A. Flanagan
Publisher: Specialty Press
ISBN: 1580072305
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This book tells of famous record-breaking flights throughout history, focusing on the exciting time following World War II when new speed, altitude, and endurance records were broken on an almost-routine basis.

Aviation Week Space Technology

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EASY ON THE RUDDER Since the B-47 was the first jet I flew, I enjoyed the
reference to its rudder control system in "Crash Probe Triggers Rudder Design
Scrutiny" {AW&ST Apr. 1, p. 45). ... It is low-cost, effective and uses a resource
with a track record. ... 430), the concept of manufacturing a flying Me262
reproduction aircraft originated with my late father, Stephen L. Snyder, who
believed the Me262 represented one of the most significant steps forward in
aviation technology. Howard ...

A History Of Aerodynamics

Author: John David Anderson
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521669559
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Countless books exist on famous aviators, historic aircraft, air transportation, and
the impact of air power on modern warfare; few books, however, touch upon how
baseline theoretical work on aerodynamic theory made modern flying machines
possible. A professor of aerospace engineering, John Anderson brings this
complex story to life. The dream of flight is indeed an ancient dream - one that is
manifest in myth, in art, and in the earliest records of civilization. John Anderson
begins ...

Popular Mechanics

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Uses ordinary household current (1 500 watts) for hot water almost anywhere!
mm PRICE BREAKTHROUGH NOW ONLY $139" The Compact, Solid Copper
Water Heater, Guaranteed for 20 years against leaking! ... president's plane a
short one. In 1954 it was replaced by Columbine III, a Lockheed 1049C Super-
Constellation. Into the jet age Although the propeller-driven Columbine III
remained his official plane, Ike brought the presidency into the jet age when he
went on a whirlwind ...

Aviation Week And Space Technology

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Jet engineers join General Electric in mixing imagination with experience to
increase propulsion performance Even success generates its own kind of
challenges, and at the Flight Propulsion Division of General Electric, improving
already outstanding engine performance is one of them. As the box to the right
attests, GE's jet engines have scored many world-wide records. Yet today, the
FPD engineers whose breakthroughs helped establish the original records, are
engineering new ...

Space Aeronautics

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On the record, Bendixo automatic flight control systems qualify as the world's
most experienced, most versatile for jet-age aircraft. Besides having flown more
than 1,500,000 hours and over half a billion miles with the world's leading
airlines, they have logged uncounted hours and miles on aircraft in the daily
service of the U.S. and Canadian Air Forces and Navies. In May 1957, the Bendix
PB-20 became the first transistorized flight control system approved for airline
use. Variations of it ...

American Aviation

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Eastern Orders Jet Fleet Eastern Airlines has ordered 19 new jet aircraft from
McDonnell Douglas for a reported $110 million. An Eastern spokesman said the
... The contract is the first breakthrough in aircraft procurement since Defense
Secretary Robert McNamara assumed control of the department in 1961.
McNamara had insisted ... The record month breakdown included 54,459 airline,
5595 general aviation, 384 military and 24 local operations. The daily average
was 1975 ...


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The Lynn test cell, the first test cell of the first jet eng Forces in the Orient, the
Japanese production of jet planes never got beyond an early stage. ... The
project was kept so secret that even the wife of a GE engineer with whom Frank
Whittle stayed — on a temporary assignment to help GE launch the jet age
had no idea of the Englishman's identity or what his visit was all about. ... It is
primarily the advances made in engine work that make it possible to come up
with an aircraft to do ...

Aircraft Fuel Efficiency Program

Author: United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences
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I have been asked to discuss the importance of aviation fuel in the airline's
financial picture and how the proposed NASA fuel conservation technology
program would relate to this picture. ... Suffice it to say that aviation is one of the
main sources of our national power and far more than just another means of
transportation. It is the ... Fuel is the life-blood of the airlines; the jet age
economics of this industry were born of a breakthrough in airplane productivity
plus ample low cost jet fuel.


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editorial aviation '64 Aviation's progress and the speed of its technology were
demonstrated in a negative fashion just a few weeks ago. While six and seven
million dollar jets were giving world commerce a new rhythm, the giants of the
airways of just a few years ago were serving as mechanical guinea pigs in
simulated crash tests in the southwest. The first test involved the intentional
wrecking of a Douglas DC-7 which only a decade ago bore a then- phenomenal
price tag of $2 ...