An Undisciplined Economist

Author: Morris L. Barer
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
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Written with Evans’s characteristic clarity, candour, and wit, these essays unabashedly expose health policy myths and the special interests that lie behind them.

The Economist

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Nor will an undisciplined Opposition either. Indeed, the undisciplined Opposition
is the worst species of the indiscriminate. Without discipline different sections of
the Opposition will make incessant and different rushes against different
measures of the Government—one set will vote and speak against one thing,
another set vote and speak against another. But the whole will never combine, its
entire force will never be displayed; there will be an innumerable series of petty
skirmishes in ...

The Oxford Handbook Of Post Keynesian Economics Volume 1

Author: G. C. Harcourt
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019935930X
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misguided, most nonheterodox economists are unwilling to try out approaches
that do not use Walrasian general equilibrium as their fundamental reference
point. The same limitation is evident in economists' reaction to the Eurozone
crisis. Since the Eurozone was established as a neoliberal mechanism, the core
question for most analysts is how to adjust the rules so that Europe can return to
the longterm, stable growth path from which it was pulled due to shortsighted,
undisciplined ...

Pakistan Gulf Economist

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Undisciplined. governance. hindering. agri. sector. growth. >op. failure. will.
continue. if. deficiencies. of. agriculture. infrastructure. remain. inattended. The
outlook for the agriculture sec- or, like the others, does not make any promises to
the grower at the grass root level, or the consumer of agriculture crops.
Agriculture has already suffered heavily at the hands of an undisciplined
governance system, controlled during the last 25 years by a set of pressure
groups, which ...

Discussing Economics

Author: Michael K. Salemi
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
ISBN: 9781781958476
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WHAT IS DISCUSSION? We use the term 'discussion' in a very specific way and
at the outset it is a good idea to say what we mean and what we do not mean. By
discussion, we do not mean an informal exchange of ideas or 'bull session'. We
do not mean an invitation to students to exchange undisciplined opinions. We do
not mean a class session devoted to the spontaneous exchange of ideas. We do
not mean shouting matches or debates in which students argue positions without

Happiness Economics

Author: Shari Lapeña
Publisher: Brindle and Glass
ISBN: 1926972295
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Long, youthful body, long, youthful hair; billowy, undisciplined words from
seductive lips—her poetry was awful, but she—she was perfect. Will shifted
uncomfortably on his hard wooden chair in the darkened basement of a Queen
Street café that reeked of old beer and was alarmed at himself. He stopped
listening to herwords andperused her body, which was much more interesting.
She hadacarelessly sexy look, athome in herbodyeven while reading bad poetry
in front of an ...

Economics Lessons For The Tea Party Most Conservatives And Some Economists

Author: William T. White
Publisher: Author House
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... the optimization of economic cooperation described in Part II. With respect to
the Federal Reserve System, the founding intention was and always has been to
keep money independent of the president and any other authority responsive to a
public that is presumed to be less than adequately knowledgeable about money
and undisciplined in money management. Besides, the Federal Reserve System
and its open-market committee necessarily use a “feed-back” system that
requires ...

The Australian Economist 1893 1898

Author: Australian Economic Association
ISBN: 9780080343921
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Women, and especially unmarried women are, on the whole, more impulsive and
emotional than men; more cosily induced to gratify an undisciplined or misplaced
compassion, to the neglect of the larger and more permanent interests of society ;
more apt to dwell upon the proximate than the more distant results ; more subject
to fanaticisms which often acquire almost the intensity of monomania There have
been ages in which insensibility to suffering was the prevailing vice of public ...

Issues In Finance Business And Economics Research 2011 Edition

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ongoing operations view the innovators as undisciplined upstarts,” scientists in
the United States report. “The innovators dismiss the operations people as
bureaucratic dinosaurs. It's natural to separate the two warring groups. But it's
also dead wrong, say Tuck Business School's Govindarajan and Trimble. Nearly
all innovation initiatives build on a firm's existing resources and know-how. When
a group is asked to innovate in isolation, the corporation forfeits its main
advantage over ...

Economics Entropy And The Environment

Author: Thomas Randolph Beard
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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The Extraordinary Economics of Nicholas Georgesçu-Roegen Thomas Randolph
Beard, Gabriel A. Lozada. and perhaps his academic standing protected him
somewhat. He narrowly escaped arrest or death on several occasions. By 1944,
Romania, an Axis power, was losing the war and continual bombing of Bucharest
was common. The arrival of the Soviet army, by Georgescu's account an
undisciplined mob, made matters worse and he fled Bucharest, joining his
mother and wife ...