Corporate Identity

Author: Gisela Birkigt
Publisher: MI Wirtschaftsbuch
ISBN: 3864161185
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Zeichen, Bild und Abbild im christlichen Votivbrauchtum, 1972 (24) Kuwayama, Y
, Trade Marks an Symbols: l Alphabetical Designs; Il Symbolical Designs, 1973 (
25) Lausberg, H., Handbuch der literarischen Rhetorik, 2. Bde., 1960 (26)
Leonhard, W, Das große Buch der Wappenkunst, 1976 (27) Lutz, H.-R., Die
Hieroglyphen von heute, 1990 (28) Massin, Buchstabenbilder und Bildalphabete.
Vom Zeichen zum Buchstaben und vom Buchstaben zum Zeichen, 1970 (29)
Morris, Ch. W., ...

Trade Marks

Author: Brenda M. Rimmer
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Their designers and owners are identified. There is also a short history of trade
marks and a bibliography of earlier works on trade mark design. Dreyfuss, H.
Symbol sourcebook: an authoritative guide to international graphic symbols. New
York, McGraw Hill, 1972 Symbols in 26 different disciplines are illustrated,
ranging alphabetically from accommodation to vehicle controls. The symbols are
later classified by graphic form. Although the book specifically excludes trade
marks and ...

Trademarks And Brand Management

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PAINT Handbook of Material Trade Names National Paint & Coatings
Association Plant Engineering Directory & Specifications Catalog Trademark
Directory of National Paint & Coatings Assn. PAPER Brand Names & Trademarks
of Sanitary ... of Symbols Screen Printing Magazine Trademark Design
Trademark Thesaurus Trademarks A Handbook of International Designs
Trademarks & Symbols (Vol. 1: Alphabetical Designs; Vol. 2: Symbolical Designs
) Trademarks and Symbols of ...

Visual Communicating

Author: Ralph E. Wileman
Publisher: Educational Technology
ISBN: 9780877782483
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The discussion is highly abstract, but the designs may prove useful for stimulation
. Kuwayama, Yasaburo. Volume One: Trademarks & Symbols of the World-The
Alphabet in Design. Rockport, Massachusetts: Rockport Publishers. 1988. 207p.
An international compilation of logos based on alphabetic design. The logos are
arranged alphabetically and each is coded to an index which lists its business,
designer, client, year, and color. The designs vary widely in degree of abstraction

Advertising Techniques

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An annual compilation of over 1.000 trademarks, logos and corporate symbols
Volumes 1 through 6 available The series contains the largest collection ever
assembled, and has become the standard reference in the field. ... For students
and art, design and lettering professionals THE SCRIPT ALPHABET Contains 65
examples of calligraphic script variations —the largest, most unique collection in
existence— for all involved in calligraphy #ABC/c, #ABC/p ABC'S OF


Author: John D. Oathout
Publisher: Scribner Book Company
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Trademarks illustrated, owner indicated, and the designer. By categories of
goods or services. Published 1976 by Dover Publications, Inc. , New York.
Trademarks and Symbols of the World By Yusaku Kamekura. Illustrates 763
trademarks and trademark designs. Published 1965 by Van Nostrand Reinhold
Publishing Company, New York. Trademarks and Symbols By Yasaburo
Kuwayama. In two volumes, illustrating 1,500 trademarks and symbols. Volume 1
alphabetical designs; ...

Art Direction

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#CA9 CREATIVITY 9, edited by Don Barron An annual photographic review of
the best advertising art. photography and design in 20 categories 1979/80 9 x
11V. 368 pp ... An annual compilation of over 1.000 trademarks, logos and corpr -
ite symbols Volumes 1 through 6 avail, le The series contains the largest
collection ever assembled, and has become the standard reference in the field. ...
of the alphabet into abstract imagery and expands the alphabet's graphic design