Abe Martin S Sayings And Sketches

Author: Kin Hubbard
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Kin Hubbard. Abe Martins Sayings and Sketches By KIN HUBBARD ONE
DOLLAR NET Revised and republished in book form from The Indianapolis
News Copyright, A. N. S. Us Of :- , Sayings and.

Princeton Alumni Weekly

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The Spectacles. Robert A. Hall Jr. '31—-An Analytical Grammar of tlte Hungarian
Language, by Robert A. Hall Jr. Mrs. W. M. Hardy—$500 to cover purchase of the
Darton (geological) reprint collection. Vl/alter Scott Hastings———L'Art do Mettre
Sa Crtrvate. 8th edition. 1928. John B. Hampstead '28—-Kin Hubbard. Short
Furrou-s, Abe Martin': Primer. Abe Martin's Sayings and Sketches. Back Country
Folks, Almanack; Clarke & Dawson. Baseball. Jere C. Hutchins-—A Personal
Story, ...

The Rotarian

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F Kin Hubbard, the creator of Abe Martin, could have chosen just the way he
would want his biography written and supervised its preparation, I believe we
would have just such a book as Fred C. Kelly has given us in The Life and Times
of Kin Hubbard. That is high praise, and I mean it as such. I am one of millions of
Americans for whom the Abe Martin drawings and sayings — the gangly figure in
ill-matched clothes, always idle but always observant, and the two brief
sentences — are ...

A Bibliographical Guide To Midwestern Literature

Author: Gerald Nemanic
Publisher: Iowa City : University of Iowa Press
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"Rearword" by Samuel G. Blythe. Indianapolis: Abe Martin, 1909. Brown County
Folks. Indianapolis: Abe Martin, 1910. A be Martin 's A lmanack. An Appreciation
of Kin Hubbard by Booth Tarkington. Drawing of Abe Martin by Gaar Williams.
Garden City ... Abe Martin's Sayings and Sketches. Indianapolis: Abe Martin,
1915. New Sayings by Abe Martin and Velma's Vow, a Gripping Love Tale by
Miss Fawn Lippin- cutt. Indianapolis: Abe Martin, 1916. Abe Martin's Back
Country Sayings.

Catalog Of The David Demaree Banta Indiana Collection

Author: Franklin College (Franklin, Ind.). Library
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... Frank M. Abe Martin, hoss sense and nonsense, 525; Abe Martin of Brown
County, 526- 527; Abe Martin on the war, 528; Abe Martin on things in general,
529; Abe Martin the joker on facts, 530; Abe Martin's almanack, 531-533; Abe
Martin's back country sayings, 534; Abe Martin's barbed wire, 535; Abe Martin's
broadcast, 536; Abe Martin? s Brown County almanack, 537; Abe Martin's home
cured philosophy, 538; Abe Martin's primer, 539; Abe Martin's sayings and
sketches, 540; ...

Who S Who Among North American Authors

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iM\: see Press section. in nil Ml I), FRANK McKINNEY (Abe Martin, also Kin
Hubbard) : newspaper writer; b. Bellefontalne, O. ; s. Thomas and Sarah Jane (
Miller) H.; educ. common schls.; m. Josephine Jackson, Oct., 1905. AUTHOR:
Abe Martin's Almanack. 1908 to 1925; Short Furrows, 1913; Back Country Folks,
1914; Abe Martin's Primer, 1915; Abe Martin's Sayings and Sketches, 1916; ABe
Martin's Barbed Wire, 1928; Abe Martin's Town Pump, 1D29. Author of dally
newspaper ...

The Encyclopedia Of Indianapolis

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Re- hired by the Indianapolis News in 1901, he returned to Indianapolis and four
years later married Josephine Jackson. In his early days on the News, Hubbard
was chiefly a political caricaturist, furnishing the newspaper with drawings of
Indiana legislators, lobbyists, and staff members. While covering the 1904
presidential election, Hubbard began to draw the country character that he would
make famous. "Abe Martin" — a smiling fellow with whiskers, big shoes, a black
coat, and a ...

Economic Review

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This leads receivers to attempt to offset the anticipated fine tuning, and
communication breaks down. IV. Conclusion He was a power politically for wars,
but he never got prominent enough t' have his speeches garbled — Abe Martin.
Abe Martin s Sayings and Sketches How much detail a government should
communicate to its citizens remains controversial, especially in the areas of
money and banking. On many issues, the government communicates to foster
ccx)rdination with the ...