A New System

Author: Jacob Bryant
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Or, An Analysis of Ancient Mythology: Wherein an Attempt is Made to Divest
Tradition of Fable; and to Reduce the Truth to Its Original Purity ... Jacob Bryant.
same. Ephorus gave a fimilar account: “dozei Yag, port, to Twy Aióloway affo,
aragateway &r awatoxwy Xolotaguay usX3. Twy vagay. This family of the
Ethiopians, says Ephorus, seems to me to have extended themselves from the
winter tropic in the east to the extremity of the wes. - In some places, as I have
before mentioned, ...

Keats And Hellenism

Author: Martin Aske
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521604192
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Monthly Review, new series, 2 (1790), p. 369. 79. See Edward B. Hungerford,
Shores of Darkness (New York, 1941); Albert J. Kuhn, English Deism and the
Development of Romantic Mythological Syncretism', PMLA, 71 (1956), 1094-1 16
. 80. The Remains of Hesiod, Translated from the Greek into English Verse (
London. 1812), p. 11. 81. A New System; or, an Analysis of Ancient Mythology (
1774-6), third edition, 6 vols. (London, 1807), 1, 1.; v1, 383-4. 82. Shaffer. 'Kubla
Khan' and ...

A Catalogue Of The Books Etc Belonging To The Library Company Of Baltimore

Author: Library Company of Baltimore
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Astle's Origin and Progress of Writing Bell's New Pantheon; or Historical
Dictionary of the Gods, Demi-Gods, Heroes, and Fabulous Personages of
Antiquity Bryant's New System; or an Analysis of Ancient Mythology Chevalier's
Description of the Plain of Troy Cordiner's Antiquities of the North of Scotland
Ferrarii De Re Westiaria Libri Septem: et Dissertatio de Veterum Lucernis
Sepulchralibus. Patavii 1685 Folke's Table of English Silver Coins, from the
Norman Conquest to 1745 ...

Manual Of Classical Literature

Author: Johann Joachim Eschenburg
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8 vols. 12. In German with additions by J. A. Schlegel & J. M. Schröckh. Lpz. 1755
–65. 5 vols. 8. In English, Banier, Mythology of the Ancients. Lond. 1739. 4 vols. 8
. – .Mayo,System of Mythology. Philad. 1815, 4 vols. 8.—F. Creuzer's Symbolik
und ... latine, egyptienne, celtique, persanne, indienne, chinoise, &c. Par. 1823.2
vols. 8.— Win. Holwell, A Mythological Dictionary&c. (Extracted from J. Bryant's
New System or Analysis of Ancient Mythology.) Lond. 1793.8. —Bell, New

Manual Of Classical Literature From The German With Additions By N W Fiske Third Edition

Author: Johann Joachim ESCHENBURG
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tax v1.1. Bas. 1548. fol. Also in his Opp. Omn. (ed. J. Jensius). Lugd. Bat. 1606 fol
. – Vinc. Cartari, le imagini degli dei degli antichi. Lion.1581. 4. Also in Latin,
Lugd.1581. 4. oft. repr − Vaialis conti, Mythologies. Explica. tionis Fabularum libri
X. Gen. 1651.8.–Gerh. I. Possius, De theologia Gentili et £ christiana, s. de
origine et ... Par.1823.2 vols. s: "'Heirii, A Mythological Dictionary:c. (Extracted
from J. Bryant's New System or Analysis of Ancient Mythology.) Lond. 1793.8. –
Bell, New ...

Catalogue Of The Library Of The Theol

Author: Andover Theological Seminary. Library
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(Gabler's Neuest. theol. Journal, VIII.5.) 78 74 t. Verschied. Beiträge zu Eichhorn's
Repert. (Th. III, IV.V1–XVII.) 10 64 u. Id. zu Gabler's Journal fur auserl, theol.
Literatur. (Bde. V.VI.) 78 83 v. Id. Zu Paulus Memorabil. (St. III. IV. VI. VII.) 10 61 to.
Id. zu Paulus Neues Repert. (Th. II.) 10 59 z. Andenken an Bruns, dessen Leben
und Verdienste ... 1.) 89 45 BR Y.A.N.T, Jacob, Esq. of Berksh. Eng.: b. at
Plymouth, 1715. d. 1804. 3. A New System, or an Analysis of ancient Mythology.
3 Wols. 4to.

Griechische Mythologie

Author: Eduard Gerhard
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Paris an 7: Atlanten in Asien) und Bryants “Analysis of ancient mythology" (Lond.
1778. III. 4. 1807. V1. 8.), nebenher auch des Engländers T. Poumall Treatise on
the study of antiquities (Lond. 1782. Deutung aus Handel und Schiffahrt) System
zu bezeichnen, wonehen zahlreiche im gleichem Sinne geführte
Einzelforschungen durch Namen wie Fréret (Mém. de l'Acad. des Inscr. et Vol. 7)
Sainte-Croix Larcher Clavier Raoul-Rochette und Andre (Eckerm. Myth. 1, 15),
neuerdings auch ...

Domestic And Heroic In Tennyson S Poetry

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'Under the Microscope' in The Complete Works of Algernon Charles Swinburne
v1, 405 Memoir 11, 133 Tennyson in Lincoln_ A Catalogue of the Collections in
the Research Centre volume 1, item #836 A New System, or, an Analysis of
Ancient Mythology 1, xiii The Origin of Pagan Idolatry 1, 2 1 Memoir I, 20 See also
the discussion of the sea imagery by Ryals in From the Great Deep. Essays on '
Idylls of the King' 57-68_ Tom Peete Cross 'Alfred Tennyson as a Celticist' M
odem ...